Garage Door Features Ideal For Second Shift Workers

Working a second shift job often means that you will be coming home in the middle of the night. Accessing a dark garage and driveway can bring a lot of safety and security concerns. As you plan your ride home each night, it's a good idea to consider the type of garage that you have. If you're getting a new garage door installed, then there are a number of different features you can have with it.

The following four features cater directly to second shift workers and accessing the garage at night. By explaining your work situation to garage door professionals, they can help you pick out these different features and designs.

Lighting Options

Garage door lights are ideal for visibility and safety on your property. Lights can be installed just above the exterior of the garage door. They can be wired and installed so that they do not interfere with the garage door operations. When getting garage door lights installed, you do not want to leave them on all night. There are two options you can choose from when working with these lights. The first option is to have the lights set on motion detectors. This means that the garage lights will turn on when your vehicle starts moving through the driveway. The second option is to set the light on a timer. This allows the lights to automatically turn on shortly before you arrive home from your work shift. The lights give you clear visuals of the garage door and surrounding area.

Smart Garage Door Openers

Accessing garage door features is a lot more advanced than it used to be. Now, many garages can come with smart garage door openers. These openers allow you to control multiple features in your garage from a phone or tablet. When working second shift, there are a number of benefits to these openers. For example, you can use the smart features to see if the garage door has recently been accessed. If you have a two bay garage, then you will know which bay has a car parked in it. The smart garage door features also allow you to turn on lights that are inside the garage. This will allow you to see clearly in the garage while parking the vehicle.

Opaque Glass Windows

When using a smart garage opener to control lights, you can add even more illumination in the driveway by having opaque glass windows installed. The opaque windows add safety while not allowing anyone to see inside the garage, but they also offer protection so that people cannot actually see inside of the garage. When choosing the glass window options, you can have a whole door full of the window panels or a small row near the top of the door. The windows can also be made with a special tint or color tone applied to them. As you arrive home at night, it's a lot easier to see inside the garage when the lights are turned on and the driveway is illuminated through the glass windows.

Garage Door Colors

The color of a garage door can make a big difference on your visuals at night. Choosing a lighter color will make the door easier to see and more reflective off of lights and the moon. You can select from a basic white color or other light shades like a light blue or yellow. A garage door company can help you select a color that matches your home and still features bright properties. Reflective elements can also be added to specific areas of the garage. This includes reflective strips added to the edges of the door, the hinges, and on decorative elements.

By adding these different elements, you can make your daily second shift travels a lot easier. Contact a company like J & R Garage Door Company Inc. for more information.