Choosing A Suspension Lift Kit For Your Four-Wheel Drive

If you are looking to give your 4-wheel drive a little attitude, maybe adding a suspension lift to the vehicle will get you the look and performance you seek. Selecting the right parts to get the four-wheel drive sitting the way you want it can be a little confusing. There are so many options on the market that it can be hard to tell who has good parts and who is just trying to sell you something.

Cutting Through The Noise

In every industry including the aftermarket parts business, there will be companies touting their product over all others. So how do you know what is the best parts for your truck? A good place to start is researching the systems and parts online and talking to people that already use the products you are considering. Most online retailers have space for reviews on their website so take the time to check those out. Customers are typically not afraid to speak their mind online and you will get very uncensored information most of the time.

Local Shops and Dealers

Another good option is to visit the local four wheel drive shop or parts dealer and talk to them about what your goals are. Explain your budget limits, the purpose of the lift kit, and the level of expertise you have in installing parts and accessories. They can help you choose the system that will meet your needs and may suggest that you have the kit installed if you are very new to working under your truck.

Be Realistic About Your Needs

When you set your goals for your truck or SUV, try to be realistic about what you need. Just because you drive a truck, you don't need one capable of competing in the monster truck events around the country. If you are only going to drive your truck to work and back, a 10-inch, long arm suspension system just might be overkill. Keep in mind that once the suspension lift is completed, you will need tires that fit the new height of the truck, and that almost always means new rims as well. If your goals are unrealistic, you may burn through your budget and not be able to complete the project.

Having The Suspension Installed

Along with installing the suspension system, the truck or SUV will need an alignment to drive properly after the work is completed. Taking the truck to a shop that specializes in four-wheel drives to have the work done might be your best option. You can drop it off, let them do all the work that is required, and pick up the finished truck, ready to drive and enjoy. In some cases, there will be tools required to do the work that you may not have and getting halfway through the project then getting stuck will likely on serve to frustrate you.

Contact a repair shop, like Dugan Oil and Tire, for more help.