3 Ways To Get Rid Of An Old, Non-Working Vehicle Motor

If your car recently had an engine problem, you might have replaced the motor. Now that your car is up and running, you could be wondering what you should do with the old motor that you removed. Fortunately, there are a few different things that you can do with it. These are three potential ways that you can get rid of an old vehicle motor.

1. Sell it to a Used Parts Dealer

As you might already know, some used parts dealers sell used motors that have been refurbished. Obviously, they can't offer this service if they don't have any used motors to refurbish. If you check with some of the local used parts dealers in your area, you might find that they are willing to give you cash money for the old motor that you are looking to get rid of. Then, they may refurbish it and sell it someone else who is looking for an affordable used motor for their own vehicle.

2. Advertise it Locally

There may be people in your area who are looking for an old motor. They might be looking for refurbish it themselves, or they could be looking for things to sell to the scrap yard. If you put out an ad on Craigslist or on a local Facebook yard sale group, you might find that it's a breeze for you to find someone who will be willing to take your motor off of your hands.

3. Take it to a Salvage Yard

You might know that people take junk cars to salvage yards. What you might not realize is that these places often buy anything that is made out of metal, including car parts like motors. You will be paid a base amount per pound in many cases, so larger motors will pay out more than smaller motors. By selling your old motor to a salvage yard, you'll get rid of it and get cash money at the same time, all while knowing that it will be recycled.

After replacing the old motor on your car, the last thing that you probably want is to have it lying around in your yard or garage. Luckily, you do have options for disposing of it. These are three potential options for getting rid of it. If you look into each of them, you should be able to find a way to get rid of the motor that you don't need and aren't using.