Looking To Buy A Part From An Auto Wrecking Yard? 3 Factors To Consider

Cars that are no longer operable or have been involved in an auto accident are often taken to a junkyard. At the junkyard, many of the usable parts can either be picked off of the car by individuals like yourself or are removed by staff so that they can be sold. Buying these used auto parts can be an inexpensive way to get the auto parts that you need. If you are looking to purchase auto parts for your car from an auto wrecking yard, here are a few of the factors you want to keep in mind. 

1. How the Part is Removed From the Car

As you look to buy car parts from an auto wrecking yard, one of the key factors that you need to consider is how the part is removed from the car. In some cases, you have to bring your own tools and pull the part from the car yourself. These are often referred to as pick and pull lots.

You may not know what cars and parts are on the lot until you arrive and you have to do the labor involved with removing the part yourself. The other option is that a wrecking yard pulls all of the parts from cars themselves, inventories them and sells them. There are pros and cons to both options, including price, so be sure to determine which option is better for you and then find the auto wrecker that offers that option. 

2. If the Part Has a Warranty

Another important factor to consider is whether the part has a warranty or not. Until a car part is installed in a working car, it may be nearly impossible to tell if it functions and works correctly. As such, many auto wrecking yards allow you a limited amount of time to test the part and return it. Other lots actually test out all of their parts and will offer a warranty on the part. Always consider the return policy and warranty policy when buying a part from an auto wrecking yard. 

3. How You Are Charged for the Part

The last factor to consider as you look to buy a part from an auto wrecking yard is how you are charged for the part. Some wrecking lots charge one flat fee for all parts, some charge you based on the weight of the part and some charge you based on the specific part you are buying. If you are looking to get the best deal possible, always consider how you are charged for the part. 

Taking the time to consider how a part is removed from a car if the part is warrantied and how you are charged for the part will help guide you toward an auto wrecking yard with auto parts that makes the most sense for your needs.