How To Care For Your Truck's Spray-On Bed Liner

Bed liners can catch a lot of flack from people that think they are a vain luxury and not a requirement. The truth is, though, that bed liners should be standard for any type of work truck. One of the biggest enemies to the body of your truck is rust and corrosion. The paint and clear coatings are in place to prevent this, but this does little good for the bed of a work truck. This is because moving items and equipment will scratch off these protective coatings, leaving the metal exposed. A spray-on bed liner is the best way to protect the metal. Unlike drop-in liners, which can trap moisture and cause the very problems you are trying to avoid, a spray liner can both protect from new damage while repairing any existing damage by coating it in a tough, rust-proof material. The following guide will help you better care for your liner.

Sweep at the end of the day

Although spray bed liners are durable, repeated exposure to possible damaging materials can eventually scratch or wear through the liner. To prevent this, plan to sweep out any loose debris from the bed at the end of each workday. This should only take a few minutes, especially if you keep a broom in the truck with your work tools. Even something small, like a large bolt rolling around in the bed, can eventually result in wear of the bed liner. Daily sweeping is the single best way to prevent any damage.

Anchor your loads

Severe damage doesn't usually occur over time but instead from a single mistake. Heavy equipment and items that shift during transport can gouge through the spray liner coating. Prevention is as simple as securing your loads well so they don't shift during transport. One benefit of a spray liner over a drop-in liner is that all of your truck's anchor points are still accessible and not covered by the liner. Keep ropes and tie-downs in your truck and make sure you secure every load.

Wash regularly

Finally, work out a schedule for regular cleaning. This benefits the bed liner as well as the paint on your truck. You should wash your work truck at least once a month, or more frequently if it is exposed to a lot of dirt. Don't use abrasive cleaners on the liner. Soft brushes or sponges and standard soaps made for washing a vehicle are all that is necessary to keep a spray liner clean.

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